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Full Sprained Ankle Recovery – Step 1 of 20

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Full Sprained Ankle Recovery - Step One

Full Sprained Ankle Recovery – Step One

So you’ve just sprained your ankle; you’ve twisted it running, walking down steps or taking part in some other active pursuit. Here’s what you need to do – STOP!

If you think about it, the moment you sustain an injury the clock starts ticking, and stops when you are fully fit to resume your activities pain-free.

To minimise this time it’s essential that you stop all activity immediately to prevent further damage and through the course of your recovery stick to the rule-of-thumb that if something is painful then lower the intensity or stop altogether.

Immediately after injuring your ankle, the old acronym RICE will stand you in good stead and here’s a reminder of what it stands for -

RICE for sprained ankle recovery

The biggest mistake at this stage is not knowing when to stop. For example, a lot of footballers will continue to play on in the belief that they can “run off” their injury, but you really have to consider that you’re only doing yourself more damage and ultimately prolonging your recovery time.

Having the discipline to stop at the right time will really pay off and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Detailed Summary for Day One (immediately post injury)

As far as step one goes, the above is a solid start on your journey back to full fitness but we want our recovery to be as effective and efficient as possible so let’s break it down a bit more.

Step One Summary