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Andy Murray still using Aircast A60 ankle braces in 2016!

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Andy Murray Aircast A60


Two years on from a previous post on the same subject on this site, it’s clear that tennis star Andy Murray still trusts his Aircast A60 ankle braces to give him the required support in his top-level matches.

It’s interesting that in the fast-moving world of sporting equipment, these ankle braces have been a mainstay for Murray over the past several years which really is a testament to their quality and longevity.

One thing he has changed however is the colour, from black to white, which makes the braces a little less noticeable against white socks but they’re still there!

Only time will tell if a superior product for ankle stability emerges but it seems Andy Murray has found what works for him and it’s certainly the same case for myself.

If you’re in need of ankle support you can get your own Aircast A60 ankle brace here.