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The Aircast Boot – Fractures, Dislocations and Breaks

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While the Aircast A60 is excellent for the prevention and recovery from various ankle injuries such as sprained ankle, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, swollen ankle and broken ankle , recovery from some more serious injuries can be accelerated with the use of other types of ankle support brace such as the Aircast Boot.

The Aircast Boot is specially designed for more flexibility and mobility than a standard plaster cast and is effective in the treatment of the following types of ankle injury or shin injury -

- Ankle fracture
– Fibula fracture
– Ankle dislocation
– Potts fracture
– Tibial fracture
– Broken leg

The hard plastic shell provides immobilisation and as much protection as a plaster cast, but the lighter weight makes the Aircast Boot much more comfortable and convenient. The foam lining provides compression for the swollen shin and ankle, which helps to reduce swelling.

Unlike conventional plaster casting, it can be taken off to allow the patient to bathe and undertake rehab exercises. This improves hygiene, helps prevent ankle stiffness and muscle wastage – reducing the injury healing time.

The Aircast support brace can be used right through the rehabilitation period, from the initial injury until you are ready to start walking normally. Once your doctor indicates that it is OK to resume partial weight bearing on the injured foot or ankle, then the rocker sole on the Aircast Boot allows safe walking while still providing protection and compression for the injury. A patented grid design puts a matrix of shock-absorbing material in direct contact with the heel, providing structured cushioning that reduces heel loading and helps impact-related stresses. By putting this gentle pressure on the injury the healing process is further accelerated.