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My Accidental Aircast A60 Modification

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Recently, after about one and a half years of continuous use, my Aircast A60 ankle brace started to show it’s first real signs of wear and tear. Considering I use it playing football/soccer where it takes a bit of a battering every week I’m pretty impressed that it’s lasted so long.

Modified Aircast A60


As you can see from the picture, the area showing the damage is the mesh part on either side of the brace which holds the stabilisers in place. The damage got to the point where the mesh ripped at the top causing the stabiliser on one side to come out and so become detached from the brace. The key feature of the brace is of course the stabilisers which prevent ankle rollover, however I’ve surprisingly found that using the brace with only one stabiliser still provides an appropriate level of support for me (perhaps because my ankle has healed enough at this stage).

I could of course put the stabiliser back in and repair the mesh in some way but the benefit I’m getting is that the brace is ever so slightly lighter than before which is a nice feeling. Therefore I’m going to continue using it with one stabiliser for the foreseeable future and if I need it I’ll have the option of adding the second back in. Might be something to think about for anyone wants their brace to be that bit lighter!